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(all baby owls think a lot)

DH and I have been separate for 8 months now. I moved out of the house 4 months ago. I've been doing a lot of thinking, about lots of different things.


I'm forever grateful that DH and I were always and remain still on the same page as far as parenting goes. The separation has caused no great struggle there: we support each other in our mutual contention that none of this is Jack's fault and we both love him very much. I won't fault DH in his parenting (except to note that he's not dependable, but that touches every aspect of his life, not just his parenting). Even if I did, there's nothing I could do about it.

The best I can do is examine my own parenting and work on being the best mom I can be, raising the boy I have to honor his potential, become a functioning member of society, and, hopefully, do a little better job at it than his dad and I did.

Am I doing it wrong?

Most of the time I go with my gut. Most of the time I make my own decisions. What feel…

Earth Day

Today I discovered my friend Mike is a prolific blogger. (Because I'm dealing with a bunch of issues re: platonic relationships with men [that's a different post entirely] I'm proud of myself for calling Mike my friend.) Not only is Mike a champion blogger, he's father of two, primary breadwinner, marathon runner, vocalist and guitarist for local band Lunar Light Collectors---hell, I don't know him all that well so there's probably a million other things he does too.

I learned from reading his blog today that Mike was diagnosed with MS a little over a month ago. I sent him a lame comment, promised to pray for him, then went for a mile long bike ride. Because you don't just process that kind of information with your brain, you process it with you heart and your body, too.

It's Earth Day. I didn't do much to honor the earth today, other than take my travel mug to Starbucks for a free fill up and wear a skirt I made from three different salvaged t-shirt…