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Let Yourself Listen

Writing is about getting something down, not about thinking something up.... Once writing becomes an act of listening instead of an act of speech, a great deal of the ego goes out of it.... We can either "think of something to write about" or we can write about what we happen to be thinking about.Initiation ToolThis tool encourages you to lighten up and stop taking writing so seriously that it is frightening.... Tell the storyteller five things you'd like to hear stories about.Post-apocalyptic second comingLesbian prostitute in Victorian LondonSteampunk Western involving culture clashTerrorist invasion of preschool where President's daughter attends, heroic actions of preschool teacher who outwits the terrorists and saves all the kids, except maybe that one mean one you know will bite it from the beginningQuest story centering on a woman, in the tradition of The Talisman, Earth Children, Outlander, etc.

Let Yourself Write

When people undertake writing, it is often not with the agenda of writing but with the agenda of "becoming a writer." ... The bottom line, the fact that the act of writing makes you a writer, barely enters the equation at all. Instead, we come up with ideas like "Real writers are published," or "Real writers make a living from their writing." In a sense, we are saying, "Real writers get validation from others that they are writers."This essay is weak. That was my initial thought. A weak exercise. I gave myself permission to skip it and planned a blog entry about how grown up I am now, that I can merrily neglect the assignment because I recognize it for the busy seatwork it really is.

Reality: The assignment isn't weak. I struggle with it. It's easier to skip it than to work through it. Ah, hell. Here goes.Step one: What are your hidden associations with the term "writer"? Fill in the following as rapidly as possible.Writers are

The Right to Write

My life is set to change whether I like it or not (I like it). There is no doubt this change will be hard. But while my life is changing I might as well revert to the habit that served me well before I got sidetracked.


Trouble is, it's not quite like riding a bike. You forget how to do it. You're like the rusty old Tin Man standing in the apple orchard, totally locked up until Dorothy and Scarecrow come along and figure out you need your joints oiled.

Julia Cameron is my Dorothy. Stephen King is my scarecrow.

I've started reading The Write to Right. Again. But this time, I think it's gonna provide the oil I need to get my joints moving.

First essay: Begin. From it I culled these nuggets:
"The first trick, the one I am practicing now, is to just start where you are." (p. 1)
"We are trained to self-doubt, to self-scrutiny in the place of self-expression." (p. 3)
"Most of us try to write too carefully. We try to do it 'right.' We try to s…

glorious fiasco

We got there on time. The choir was still in the sanctuary rehearsing but because the 8 o'clock handbell choir rang we had some rearranging to do. Some of my bells were missing, presumably already in the sanctuary to accompany the psalm. Talked to Joey and Ashley, who are getting married on Halloween but Joey just scored this job with the USDA and they need him to start on October 12. In Fort Worth. He'll get 3 days off for the wedding and then he's gotta go back. Ashley's dressmaker has fucked it up and she's not scheduled to get the dress until 2 weeks before the wedding, which doesn't really leave enough time to get the bustle made. So they're all stressing out and I'm trying to commiserate but I'm not in a comfortable place in my life to do that. Then Martha comes in and says hi. I'm so glad she's ringing with us. She's sincere and has some musical experience and she can't remember my name so I reminded her and we prepared to car…