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nine years old at 8:10

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Today at 8:10 am. Happy birthday, my most beloved son. I am well pleased.

wherever you go

You spend the first 20-odd years of your life learning how to live it responsibly. You spend the next 10 years practicing. You're doing pretty good, you think, even after you bring a child into this world just 3 days before the Attack on the Twin Towers. You live in a comfortable home, you have a decent if not perfectly fairy-tale relationship with the man you married, and your child presents to you a new sun around which your planet orbits.

You find your job doesn't mesh well with this new planetary alignment. Where you were once single-minded you become divided and the conflict makes you uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, in fact, that you make a mess of leaving your old job and fall half-assed into a new one. That's OK, though, because your child has become your everything. This new job, while it doesn't pay much, keeps you close to him at his preschool. As he ages and moves into the public school system this job allows you to work during the hours your child is in ki…