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Day of Reckoning

Today I won't go to work at the preschool because Dave and I have a 10:00 appointment with a marriage counselor and a 1:00 appointment with a bankruptcy attorney.

I've been unable to concentrate on anything this year because I've been so preoccupied with the detioration of our financial situation and the subsequent dissolution of our marriage. Dave's trying desperately to hold on, and I'm struggling to move on. Today could be pivotal.

no more summer sand castles

strange platefellows

Because I'm often too tired at the end of a day to go to the grocery store, I find I'm clearing out the freezer and the pantry. Last week for lunch I disgusted the children when I braised some ancient cod fillets in lemon juice and mixed it with some questionable coconut rice leftovers. Edible but not repeatable. For breakfast this morning I had a braised chicken breast divided between two corn tortillas and smeared with a dab of mayo and sweet pepper relish. Not a combo I would have considered if there were alternatives, but it was pretty tasty.


Six days ago I griped a bit about exercise and body image and resolved to walk more and eat better food. Since then I've walked 22 miles, which is 10 more miles than I usually log in the same amount of time. Though I haven't been a food angel, I haven't been a little devil, either. I've resisted chips and Cheetos and eaten more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I did have a Dairy Queen, though, which is totally fake but totally tasty.

So I got some goals for this week. There's just one week left before I go back to the preschool and I'm ashamed that I haven't attended to some things over the summer. I'd meant to finish up my NAEYC classroom portfolio, as well as plan out afternoon activities for the year (I'm lead teacher between 1:00 and 3:00 for all ages other than kindergarten).

Goal 1: I'm 20 criteria away from completing my classroom portfolio. If I do four each day, I'll be done on Friday.

Goal 2: Each day this week, I'll plan one…