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blanket for baby Sawyer-Sugiyama

I knit a baby blanket for my friend Tamzin (who is 39 weeks 7 days pregnant and ready to not be) in a simple basketweave pattern with a seed stitch border, begun on 04/09/2010 using Caron Rhapsody in colorway Summer Rose on size 8 needles and finished on 05/24/2010.

Silly me, I bound off a full skein short. Of course it doesn't bother Dolly any, and I don't think it will bother Baby Sawyer-Sugiyama any, either. I meant for it to be a smaller, lovey kind of blanket.

I met Tamzin through my book club, which has been meeting monthly for 10 years now. (I took a hiatus of several years and just recently returned.) When a member has a baby, we regale her with a baby book shower. I gave Tamzin a copy of Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book and included a special page in the back.