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when life gives you lemons...

signs of summer

purple prickly pear blossom

playground creosote

backyard dove nest

wotd: baksheesh

baksheesh \bak-SHEESH\, noun:1. A gratuity, present or tip.2. A gratuity, tip, or bribe paid to expedite service.verb:1. To give a tip.That's just a damn cool word. No longer do I over-tip. Now I over-baksheesh.

wotd: plucky (inspired by Kcookski)

plucky \PLUHK-ee\, adjective:1. Having or showing pluck or courage; brave.Origin:Plucky is originally boxing slang from the 1800s, from the meaning "heart, viscera" as that which is "plucked" from slaughtered livestock.Application:The word I use to describe myself in the context of my summer undertaking: the care of children in my own home. Others prefer to describe me as nearsighted, foolhardy, suicidal, overly optimistic... By the end of the summer I may be experiencing the word's origins. But today, with my first day of in-home care for 13 children a whole week away, I'm plucky: courageous, excited, kamikaze.