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unrealistic expectations

What I meant to do today
zig-zag all my clean Capri Sun pouches into as many large totes as possiblevacuum all the floorscatch up with my NAEYC portfolio deadlinesput up the Christmas treemake chili and cornbread for dinner
What I did today
zig-zagged one large tote, which I proceeded to ruin by using an eyelet setter too small to attach the straps to the bagvacuumed my bedroom and the living room, but hair and dust bunnies still threaten to overtake the rest of the housecompiled evidence for 3 (THREE!) NAEYC criteria (still behind by a whole deadline)put up one Christmas housemade chili and cornbread for dinner
I think it's time for a beer.

hello, Dolly...well, hello, Dolly

Two weeks ago I went to PetSmart for some fish...

...and came home with Dolly.

Yeah, I been sittin' on this news for a while, because I worried that it was too soon, and I worried she wouldn't fit in, and I just worried.

But I fell for her. Hard. She's two years old. Sweet and shy. She spends most of her time behind the washer or under the bed, though in the quiet hours of the morning she comes into the family room with me and Kismet and Cassie. Dolly and Kismet would be getting along fine, I think, if it weren't for Cassie the Fun Police. When they get close Dolly and Kismet get to caterwauling and that's too much for Cassie to take, so she commences to freak out. Dolly's cautious and taking it slow, and we're doing our best to give her the room she needs.

She's small and soft and whiskery, with a squeekier meow than any cat I've had before. She came to the Humane Society from her previous owners, and we kept the name Dolly because it's so versati…

holiday open house

I participated in a Holiday Open House at my friend Doreen's. She invited friends who vend: Avon, Gold Canyon Candles, Creative Memories, Homemade Gourmet, and she herself sells Silpada Jewelry.

I set up a display of bottle cap earrings and Capri Sun pouch purses.

Mandy set up next to me with her beaded earrings and necklaces. I've never seen anyone with the same design aesthetic as my sister. I love it.

I participated with inflated expectations. On Friday I sold a dozen pairs of earrings to colleagues and parents at the preschool who'd requested to see my stuff. And I've had preorders for 10 Capri Sun totes from two different people. My coworker Terry, who carries one of my totes as a handbag, claims people ask her all the time where she got it, how much, where can I get one? People appreciate my stuff! They want to buy it! As I left the house on Saturday to drive to Doreen's, I said to Dave, "I'll be back...$300 richer."

I came back six bucks in the h…

special surprise inside!

Purchased a bag of beads for $2.97 at Wal-Mart for the kids in Godly Play to string on pipe cleaners (oh, pardon me---chenille stems!). See the special surprise there in the center? All the way from Rhode Island.

See it now? Found in an unopened bag of beads.

At least it wasn't an unopened bag of basmati.

I'm not intentionally cryptic. Because I see it there I assume you do too, but I saw the Real McCoy and can easily pick her out in the pictures. I bought that bag of beads with a live ladybug inside!


This morning Cassie and I went around and took down the Missing Moxie posters. When she first disappeared I had a hard weekend of mourning but gradually returned to normal. We spent an afternoon searching the shelters and filing a report with the Humane Society. The recommendations from both places were to check their websites daily, check the Found Pets website daily, and check craigslist daily. I've done all those things. Moxie hasn't turned up. I'm resigned to her fate, which can't be pretty, but I no longer visual the potential scenarios of her demise but instead reminisce about what a good sweet kitty she was.

And those people at the shelter, the ones who recommend you check the websites daily? They have ulterior motives, you know. If you don't hook up with your lost pet they're hoping you'll hook up with a pet who needs a home. We've got room now. Moxie will never be replaced, and we'll always miss her. But someone else could warm our hearts.