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wedding gift

On Saturday Dave's cousin Traci is getting married. At the last minute we decided to fly to Ames for the wedding and to see everyone who will be in attendance there. At the last minute, I decided to crochet a throw as a wedding gift. I just finished. The colors in this first picture are true; the other two pictures were taken with flash so the colors look brighter than they really are.

I started last Monday night with 7 skeins of Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick in Periwinkle. It's 72 single crochet in the back loop only for as many rows as you want. Then single crochet around in a contrasting color. I chose Wine. I bought the yarn at Big Lots for half the retail price.

It's long and skinny but very texturally appealing. Though all skeins were of the same dye lot, you can see that the top and bottom skein are definitely different, not so much in color as in texture. It's pure dumb luck that they ended up at the top and bottom.

It's not perfect, but neither is mar…

been making stuff

This headhugger was supposed to be for me. I've got to stop plunging hell-for-leather into projects without first testing gauge. I can get it on but any extended wear would give me a major headache. I'm trying for an easy mesh skully to wear during the summer but many of the patterns I've found are beyond my current crochet capability. I'm trying this pattern again, with a different yarn, an additional increase round, and several more repeats.

I've found a simple recipe for pizza dough that makes the best pizza for boys (and mommies, but I like mine with mushrooms, onions, black olives, basil, a little goat cheese, and some pine nuts).

This Last Supper/Life of Christ puzzle had 750 pieces and the edge pieces were indistinguishable from the interior pieces. Took me forever to complete, and kept us from eating in the dining room for about three weeks.

I've been making bottle cap earrings...

...and custom cards to put them on. I've opened an etsy shop: thriftysere…

more than half over

where does the time go?


Seriously. I'm so content with my life but my wallet is way too thin. My full time employment at the preschool doesn't resume for another 5 weeks so I'm seeking a second job. Time is my most limiting factor. To avoid paying for childcare (which would negate the income produced by a second job) and to accommodate my preschool hours I can work Monday through Friday between 4:00 am and 2:00 pm and anytime weekends. I'm looking for something part time that I can continue working evenings and weekends during the school year. Anyone know of any Tucson area jobs or any telecommuting jobs? Seeking suggestions, networking, brainstorming. I'll do pretty much anything.


"What are you doing this summer?" my friend Doreen asked over lunch at Maria Bonita.

"Nothing." I replied.

"Nothing? What's Jack doing?"




"I'm so jealous!"

I've had a remarkable number of these "nothing" conversations. I'm leading an enviable life, it seems. I suppose, though, that "nothing" depends much on your perspective. When I look back on my day I see a schedule full of gratifying activity, but because little of it was paid activity, I feel like I'm doing nothing.

Today I got up at 5:00 am. I made myself a cup of coffee, which I enjoyed with a Nonni's Biscotti. I checked my email, logged on to facebook, accepted some gifts for my L'il Green Patch, changed my status, and learned Farkle. Then I checked my Bloglines and posted here. Most mornings I take Cassie for a walk or a run, but because I've run the last two days in a row today I t…


During our Thursday morning walk a week or two ago, Ana said, "It's summer! I check your blog every day but you haven't been posting. What's up?"

Yeah. Summer slips by, half over, and I haven't approached my blogs. I've circled them warily, considered where I want them to take me, retreated at the divestiture of cognitive energy. It's mucky in there and I haven't mustered the strength for the necessary mental housekeeping.

At the preschool last year I accepted a new position. I was hopeful then, dashed now. Though I don't feel the need to hash it out here, I do feel the need to acknowledge the struggle and to step away from it, shoulders square under the shreds of my ego.

Maybe that's enough confession to get me going again. I'll keep you posted.