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not my love

In my preschool class we've been working with this kid, Eric, who punches. He punches his mom, he punches me, he punches other kids. Especially the kids he likes. Seems the better he likes you, the more he punches you. Standard admonitions haven't been working. When Eric punches me, I say, "Eric, I don't like it when you hit me. It hurts." Still. He punches.

So yesterday as I'm serving snack I walk by Eric's chair and he punches me in the butt. I decide to try a different tack. "Eric," I say, "there are better ways to show your love."

"This is not my love," he tells me. "This is my fist."


photo extravaganza

Mom sent me a new camera, and I couldn't be happier. I went on a photo rampage!

My less photographed kitty, Moxie.

The silver mollies in my upstairs fish tank.

A collection of hand-made toys, most of which I made myself.

My Royal Kitties, made for me by my mom. My mom made these, people.

The type tray that hangs on the wall in my hallway.

Art I bought at Casa de los Ninos thrift store. Hangs in my kitchen.

shelf in my kitchen

on the shelf in my bathroom


scenario that's been on the mantel since about Christmas

Thanks, Mom. I love love LOVE the camera.

Tucson Festival of Books

This weekend the first annual Tucson Festival of Books was held on the U of A Mall. We went on Sunday. Apparently much of Tucson did too: the AZ Daily Star estimates attendance at 30K! Next year I'll plan better, so I can attend lectures by some of the featured authors. This year I would have enjoyed J.A. Jance and Diana Gabaldon. As it went, though, we just hung out for a few hours and had a great time.

At the TMC booth you could spin the wheel to win valuable prizes. Evan won a set of ABC magnets.

Jack won a car eraser and a pencil.

Two years ago Brazey was born at TMC, and here he is a TMC princess turtle (just like Junie B!).

Brazey met a real celebrity. Jack's a skeptic, however. Jack said, "I can see his head."

Evan got a cool animal book.

Good things come in threes: my writing buddies and me (Molly, me, Charlie).

My treasured triumvirate.

5 things to do before I die

overnight trail ride

smoke a pipe (tobacco)

attend a real Japanese tea ceremony

go to Jerusalem

scuba dive