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Mama Dee's valentines

one for me, modeled by The Tass

one for Jack. He's very grateful.

Thank you!

my valentine boys

I didn't even know he liked football

As a writing project over the past few weeks the students in Jack's class have been tasked with writing letters to each other. On Friday Jack brought home the letters his classmates wrote to him. This one is my favorite.

"Dear Jack: I like how you play football at school all the time at school so did you lern how to play football at your howse with somebody at your howse to play football so you can lern football so you can play at school all the time with your friend at school do you like to play football"

All that work and it's not even signed. Awesome.

something new

I got a facebook invitation to make Bottle Cap Art at the U of A's student union through a new group called create/sustain/renew. Mandy and I went on Wednesday to the Union Gallery. The event was categorized as a party/mixer. We didn't know what to expect but this is what we found.

Their facebook group describes the approach as "passive education." So we walked in, looked around, found a place to sit, and delved right into the supplies provided. Through chatting with our tablemates we found out who was in charge and asked her a few questions as we selected our materials. We discovered it was nothing we've not done before: use a 1-inch circle punch to extract an interesting image from the pages of a magazine, glue it to the inside or outside of a bottle cap, modpodge the whole schmeer, punch a few holes through the rim of the cap with an awl, insert a jump ring, hang it from an earring hook. Earring!

I made three magnets and a set of earrings. Mandy made a set of ea…