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in the past two days...

...three of the kids in my preschool class have called me Mama. I like that.

my crafty mama

made an apron for D, who is my neighbor and also in my preschool class.

When she saw it, D exclaimed with delight, "My apron!"

She put it on immediately and didn't take it off all night.

Thanks, Mom. She loves it.

Aren't they cute together? Jack's on his knees, for crying out loud.

birthday party #2

We had an exhausting week what with the beginning of school and all. I would have appreciated a nice, relaxing weekend, but what I got was a weekend full of birthday parties, a sleep-over, and date night for me and DH. Don't get me wrong: it was a lovely weekend. I just needed a little more downtime.

Anyhoo, we went to a birthday party for Jack's preschool friend Nathan at Sunrise Tae Kwan Do. The party begin with some floor work.

Then they lined up for an obstacle course. Here's Jack in line before the music started.

Here's Jack in line after the music started.

He hears anything techno, he can't keep his body still. I hope raves are WAY out of fashion when he becomes of age.

After the obstacle course, Jack was reluctant to join in any of the other activities. He hovered around the edges. He drank a juice. He sat by me. "What's up?" I asked. "Why don't you want to do the Tae Kwan Do?"

"Mommy? Is that the Wizard Goblin?"

"Who? Wha…

so, Jack had a first day of school

and I've been so busy with my own first week of school as a lead teacher that I haven't had time to blog about it. My new schedule keeps me from dropping off Jack at school in the morning. That privelege now belongs to DH, who forgot the camera on the first day of school. We're settling for a few pictures from the second day of school.

See him there in the middle, shining brightly?

He makes me so proud.

After he got home from school on Monday, his first day, Jack immediately turned on the TV and zoned out over an episode of Spongebob on DVD. And I let him, because I felt like I'd been through the wringer myself. As I emptied his lunchbox I noticed he'd eaten most of his lunch, something he never did in kindergarten. I said to him, "Jack, you ate all your lunch!" He turned away from the TV and said, "Mom. Let me tell you. It's like this." (Most of his stories begin this way.) "You don't get to eat a snack in the morning. At lunchtime y…

the princess summoned

I'm standing by a storage cabinet in between the bathroom and the kids' play kitchen, watching the activity in the classroom. Chloe sits at the table, drawing a picture with markers. "Miss Becky," she says, "why do you have a voice like a princess?"

Nobody, I mean nobody, has ever described my voice as princess-like. "Do you think I have a voice like a princess?" I ask.

"Yes," she says. "I do." all the while smiling, that perfect lisp and those gorgeous cheekbones.

Meanwhile, a royal subject petitions the princess from the bathroom: "Miss Becky, will you wipe my bottom?" and there's Zach, pantless, assuming Downward Dog in front of the toilet.

I love my job.

time warp


a year ago

what makes my world go 'round


Susan, you're a rock star. I'll be wearing my sulu design earrings tomorrow on the first day of school.

thank you!

conversations with kids (1)

I'm talking with Zach while he's helping me clean cubbies on Thursday before school begins. Tucson is a small town; through freecycle I've met a relative of Zach's. I decide today to ask Zach about him. "Do you have an Uncle Dave?" I say.


"An Uncle David?"


"Maybe a cousin. Maybe your mom's cousin. Is there a cousin in your family named David?"

"All my cousins are little like me when I was a baby."

"Some cousins are grown up."

"Yeah. And they're with God."

"I have cousins who are grown up, and I'm a cousin who's grown up. But I hope it's a long time before I'm with God in heaven."

"Yeah. And when you go up there to heaven with God, I don't think you should wear that necklace."

OK, then.

nope, no OCD here

Last night during the highly ritualized routine of toothbrushing, as Jack rinsed the nozzle of his toothpaste, drained the water, and replaced the cap, he aligned the letters on the top with the letters on the bottom and said, "That's so perfect. It's as it should be."




The last few weeks have brought significant change to my work life. Members of the governing board at the preschool encouraged me to interview for a lead position in the older threes' classroom. In whirlwind time I interviewed, contemplated the offer, and accepted. It's not a lateral shift. As a lead I've accepted more responsibility and more accountability, but I'll be sharing those burdens in a co-lead situation with a teacher new to the school. I'm anxious and excited.

I'm not the only assistant teacher who interviewed for the position. There's been some drama, behind us now, from which we've emerged stronger. Tomorrow starts Teacher Week, when we prepare ourselves and our rooms for the kids to come next Monday. I've been preparing myself mentally over the past two weeks. My anxiety is almost always the result of inactivity and anticipation. The anxiety and nervousness will melt away when I'm in the thick of it.

And today, when I left my house…

had a visitor

and this one wasn'trun over by a rolls royce

Though she was about the size of the one that was.

Found her outside when I took the recyclables to the corner. Cassie tried to eat her.

Look at that s-t-retch. Tough for her to climb the rip-rap.

She'd get to a certain point, then couldn't teeter her shell over and down she'd go.

So finally I helped her and bid her farewell. Away she went into the desert. Maybe I'll see her again.