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pictures I like #01

Jack at Heroes & Villains


"Mommy, can we go see Gameboy 2?"

"Gameboy 2 . . . Is it a movie or a show?"

"A movie."

"At the theater or on TV?"

"At the theater."

"Is there a Gameboy 1?"

"Yes. You know? That big red guy?"


"Yes! Can we go see Hellboy 2?"

"I don't think so."

what's wrong with this picture?

After work today I helped clean the preschool. I get paid $9.25 an hour to teach seventeen children in an NAEYC-accredited preschool. I get paid $10.00 an hour to sweep, mop, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms after all the kids have gone home. Geez.

I believe

She studied his face. Despite his charm, she sensed a streak of cruelty. He might seduce women, she thought, but if that failed he would rape them. His skin was weathered by outdoor living, and he had the red nose of a drinker. His clothes were costly but dirty. "I know who you are," she said. "Aren't you afraid you'll be punished for your sins?"

"If I believed that, I wouldn't have committed them. Are you afraid you'll burn in Hell?"

It was a question she normally sidestepped, but she felt that this dying outlaw deserved a true answer. "I believe that what I do becomes part of me," she said. "When I'm brave and strong, and care for children and the sick and the poor, I become a better person. And when I'm cruel, or cowardly, or tell lies, or get drunk, I turn into someone less worthy, and I can't respect myself. That's the divine retribution I believe in."

Brazey meets rat baby

Poor Tiny. She tries to get away from her rat babies, who are sucking the life out of her. She's so damned exhausted her little naked body looks like pantyhose after you've taken them off. Still, she's nervous when one is removed from the cage.

The little suckers are awful damn cute.

Focus on the markers in the background, but hey... look at at that little hand gently poised over Tiny's pride and joy.

You should have heard the noises Brazey made: soft little cooing noises as he petted the rat baby.