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remembering Memorial Day Weekend (finally)

When DH and I hooked up 16 or so years ago, we did a lot of camping together. Whenever we left for a camping trip we'd take pictures in the car of the departure. Though we've only camped once before with Jack it seemed even more appropriate to capture the image of everyone in the car as we left Tucson for Lake Roosevelt on Saturday morning.

Here's Jack, surrounded by his Pokemon stuffies and preparing to bite into that big bagel, which will momentarily become bloody after knocking loose his seventh tooth.

Here's DH, nervous at having his picture snapped.

Here's my obligatory self-portrait.

Cassie came too. She was a hoot and a headache, as usual.

Saturday morning continued the unusual weather we had on Friday with temperatures barely creeping past 70 degrees, extremely unusual for the end of May in southern Arizona. And on Friday rain poured from the skies. We went camping anyway.

Lake Roosevelt is the largest of the Salt River Lakes, formed in 1911 by the construction …

Memorial Day

A Jack Snap from the last day of school, when they had an ill-fated Water Fun Day during which all the children's lips turned blue. It's May, in TUCSON, and the temperatures aren't creeping past 80 degrees. And we're going camping today. Lakeside. Brrrr.

Have a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Watch this little video. Never forget. Strive to inspire.

she loved it

thanks, Mom

over and done

first day of kindergarten: 08/11/07

last day of kindergarten: 05/22/08

Cassie's New Friend

Meet Chico.

He's 3/4 pug...

...1/4 chihuahua

and 100% adorable.

Cassie loved him.

I did, too.

what did you do last Saturday?

Did you dip your toes?

Share an ice cream?

Cross the monkey bars?

Meet a stormtrooper?

Buy an entire summer wardrobe (6 shorts, 1 skirt, 3 dresses, 8 t-shirts, and 1 nightie) for less than $30?


Frolic with your new friend?

Do a puzzle?

That's what we did.