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a little R&R in Houston

rest, relaxation, and recreation with family in Houston

when was the last time you...

jumped on a pogo stick?

rode a skateboard?

or a bike too small for you?

Hope you're having fun this holiday season.

I am.

thrifting: getting good again

The Sunday before Halloween I scored this vintage Fisher Price Barn at Saver's for $2.99. When I was a kid I had this barn, and played with it all the time. At that age I was convinced my dad could fix anything, and I can't remember if it was the Fisher Price Barn or the Weebles Cottage that he fixed up for me, numerous times, beyond any reasonable expectation.

Jack's interpretation of how the barn should look on the inside.

Retro sticker, clue to the life of the previous owner. I should also mention that I recently found another similar Fisher Price vintage barn at Goodwill, but they had it priced at $19.99! At Goodwill! Crazy.

That same thrifting day at Saver's I bought this repro Kewpie for $7.99, which is, for me, quite a lot to dish out for one item. Again, I had a similar one when I was younger, but mine wore yellow/peach flowered coveralls. I remember once learning that Kewpie is a boy, and trying to reconcile that with my own conception of Kewpie as a girl. Clearl…

what does your Christmas look like?

This is what I want my Christmas to look like:

Not this:

This year I'm experiencing a different Christmas. Usually we celebrate with MamaDee and PapaDee (my mom and dad) at their house with my sister's family. This year my sister's family is traveling to the Midwest for Christmas with her in-laws, and my family is traveling to TX for Christmas with my sister-in-law's family.

So I have to remember what Christmas is really about: the birth of God-with-us, the baby in the manger. That can be celebrated anywhere, but for me the best place to celebrate is within, a reflective, quiet celebration of each moment in Advent. A thanksgiving for His presence among us, reflected in the love we have for each other and the happiness we express when we're together. See that up there, in those pictures of Jack and Evan together? Do you see it in the Wal-Mart picture? Yeah.

Do what makes you happy this Christmas. Do what shows your love to others.

my pets

Christmas Cassie

Kismet, Queen of All She Surveys

Thirsty Moxie