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I'm ridiculously in love with my new Retro Stereo, purchased at Big Lots for $45 this past Saturday during a shopping excursion with my sis, Mandy. I'd seen it advertised in the Wednesday flyer, I thought about it for several days, then I hemmed and hawed over the box at the store until Mandy said, "If you don't like it, you can always take it back."

Oh, but I DO like it. I DO! It perches on the buffet in the dining room, where I can see its squat black sleekness from the kitchen and the living room and I can hear its slightly monophonic sound most everywhere in the house. It has an MP3 jack, a CD tray, and AM/FM tuner, and a turntable. A TURNTABLE! Sweet. The volume knob turns it on, then a push of a button switches functions.

Today at the Goodwill I bought 4 records for a buck fifty. This is my favorite, because my mom had a copy (the same cover art) and I often played it during my growing up years. It's Jack's favorite, too:

How dorky are we? We spent th…

thrifty fett family

Last weekend Jack scored some Star Wars stuff at a garage sale. Each day since then he's destroyed and rebuilt this Fett Family Puzzle at least once. Today he's done it twice. I'd say that was a dollar well spent.

thrift alert: search for Beanies!

Lori, my best friend in Illinois, has put out an APB on Beanie Babies. Not because she wants them, but because they're serving as Embassadors of Good Will in Iraq. Details:

Hi all,

As you know, my son Brian is serving in Iraq right now. I've inadvertently spear-headed a wonderful project sending beanie babies to him and his comrades. With the help of many others, hundreds of toys have been sent over, and distributed to the children in the villages hey work for. The soldiers love it, the kids love it, and more importantly, Brian informed me 2 days ago, the interpreter in his company said they're doing wonders for relations between the U.S. soldiers and the communities they're working in. After all, make a kid happy, make his parents happy, right?

The project has grown and grown, to the extent that I've decided to step it up a bit. I've created a website. It's still under construction, but I want to hurry up and get it out there.

Please, if you do nothing else, …

sweet st. vinnie's

fifty cents. FIFTY CENTS! Oh, sweet Mother of Thrifting Goodness, smile your good fortune upon me.

And these?

By the looks of these little voodoo dolls, it might be too late for the Children of Appalachia.

Jack and I discovered our local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, just kittycorner from the Miracle Center Thrift Store and the Best 99 Cent Store Ever. I got a bag full of fantastic goodies, including the crocheted horsie and the Children under the Stairs Appalachian dolls, two pairs of shorts for a buck apiece, a pile of children's books for a dime apiece, and a bag full of toys for next to nothing. Fun thrifting.

the complete book of handicrafts

I've discovered I'm particularly drawn to books published in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. This not-so-little gem is copyright 1973 and chock full of fantastic photos, instructions, and projects.

With a title page such as this, how can you resist? (complete instructions for paper people found on pages 230-231).

I'm also discovering an urge to start sewing. I might begin with this rice-filled frog.

This is the first embroidery project in the book. Looks a bit advanced to me.

I don't care how dated macrame is; I see a lot of potential in knowing how to do it. In fact, there's a design for an entire macrame SKIRT, not just this sweet necklace (is that Gwyneth Paltrow modeling? Not in 1973, but I think she's channeling this Macrame Model).

And I can just see DH grooving at the hi-fi in this radical flower-power shirt.

Found the book at my favorite thrift store ever, 22nd Street, a few weeks ago. I paid a whopping $2.00 for it. It's already been worth it.

shameless, I say: Shameless!

now why would anyone throw this in a recycling dumpster? because it's plastic? Why would they think it would recycle?

I guess they knew I'd find it, and exclaim over it, and haul it home. And what do I need with a green plastic suitcase?

How fun is this?! It's a Transformer! Green plastic suitcase to green plastic picnic table. Thanks, Recycle Bin!