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thrifting finds

Years ago when Birkenstocks became fashionable once again I vowed to never jump aboard that bandwagon, but eventually I fell prey to the comfort and the ease and since then I've owned several pair of Birkies. So when Crocs became fashionable I should have known better than to say, "I'll never wear Crocs!" I held out for a long time, until last Thursday I found this pair of almost brand-new red Mary Janes at my favorite thrift store ever for $1.79. I couldn't resist the price. Now I can't resist the comfort. I can't wait for the next foot fashion to come along... I know I'll say, "I'll never wear that!"

last Saturday we went garage saling, and tonight we "experimented" with one of our finds: an electronic dartboard that we purchased at a garage sale meant to raise funds for a cheerleading squad. At this phenomenal sale we bought this electronic dartboard, 3 hardcover books, and a crapload of scrapbooking supplies for a measly $5. Here we are teaching Jack to play darts in the most unsafe fashion imaginable. He's as enthusiastic as can be expected, but doesn't quite grasp the concept of the game: "Mommy, I'm Legolas and you're an orc!" Run! Run for your life!

Today's thrifting was all about me. Here's my new Animal t-shirt, which Jack outwardly covets.

The embroidery on the back of a t-shirt. The front is embroidered, too.

A kicky dress I'll wear to Molly's Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow night.

Detail and fabric close-up of a handmade nightie. Yes, thrifting makes me happy.

Detail of an Indian-made (dot, not feather) cotton dress.


Momma_Dee said…
Cute crocs. Just your style.
I've yet to get on the Croc wagon, too busy coveting the Keens I bought last year. Maybe this will be MY year of the Crocs too; love the red ones.

I helped Bob with a garage sale today; he sold his dear-departed mother's dresses, some of which she wore 60 years ago. GORGEOUS vintage dresses...the lady from Dandelion vintage resale came to the sale and bought 58 dresses, and 45 coats....for $75. No one else even batted an eye at them. We were happy they were going on to homes where someone would love them.
shy_smiley said…
so you ladies can't tell the crocs are a size too big? with crocs I really don't think it matters.

I remember Bob and his amazing garage sales. What was his haul? Yours? I haven't fallen for Keens yet; maybe because one of the kids in my class wears them and she's CONSTANTLY taking them off and I'm CONSTANTLY trying to wrestle them back on her tiny feet. But if ever I find a pair of Keens at the thrift store, you bet your bottom dollar I'll buy 'em.
Mim said…
Love the Mary Jane Crocs. And I'm sooo excited to find your blog again. I kept wondering were you went. I should have just asked gnightgirl. I'm also excited to know that you are a fellow thrifter. Although I'm jealous of your thrift finds. Mine are never that good.

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