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one day down

Today, officially the first day of my first summer vacation, was packed about as full as I could pack it.

Day breaks before 5:00 here in Tucson during the summer because we don't observe Daylight Savings Time. At 5:30 am I started a 4 mile walk with my friend Ana and my dog Cassie. After that, a furtive peek in the recycling dumpsters at the park, where I found a length of b-flute (for packaging some books I sold on, three good shoe boxes (for sorting craft supplies), and the June 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. June hasn't even happened yet.

I came home, brewed half a pot of coffee which I sipped while I packed my books, then schlepped my kid, a big box of toys, and the Dyson up to our rental condo. Time for a between-tenant cleaning. I learned several things today during the two hours I spent cleaning the condo: (1) It's much easier to clean a place that nobody really lives in; (2) I do a better job than the cleaning person we usually hire; (3) my Dyson …

chock-a-block, or Summertime Terror

chock-a-block: extremely full; crowded; jammed: a room chockablock with furniture and plants.

After nearly a month without posting I figure a slight overhaul is in order. Firstly, a name change. I do a lot of blog reading but not a lot of blog posting not for lack of content but rather lack of motivation. What might make it easier? What might motivate me to post? Could something as simple as a name change and shift of focus goose me enough to get me going? Probably not. But we'll see.

Secondly, a template change. Not dedicated enough to the previous design to feel any grief over losing it, figured out how to add a title field to my posts, discovered the new Customization tools. Could something as simple as a new look and possibly a new banner goose me enough to get me going? Probably not. But we'll see.

I think (hope?) my main motivation for posting more regularly might be my sudden planned change in schedule. For the first time in two decades I'm taking the summer off.

thrifting finds

Years ago when Birkenstocks became fashionable once again I vowed to never jump aboard that bandwagon, but eventually I fell prey to the comfort and the ease and since then I've owned several pair of Birkies. So when Crocs became fashionable I should have known better than to say, "I'll never wear Crocs!" I held out for a long time, until last Thursday I found this pair of almost brand-new red Mary Janes at my favorite thrift store ever for $1.79. I couldn't resist the price. Now I can't resist the comfort. I can't wait for the next foot fashion to come along... I know I'll say, "I'll never wear that!"

last Saturday we went garage saling, and tonight we "experimented" with one of our finds: an electronic dartboard that we purchased at a garage sale meant to raise funds for a cheerleading squad. At this phenomenal sale we bought this electronic dartboard, 3 hardcover books, and a crapload of scrapbooking supplies f…