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The following acquisitions exceed the requirements for thriftiness. Everything in this post was free. I'm shameless.

I participate in my local freecycle, both giving and receiving items. (Check the website for your local network. You need a Yahoo! account to participate.) Lately I've been receiving more than I've been giving but I have given a lot in the past. Two weeks ago we picked up this happy little setup:

It came with six hermit crabs and their sundry accoutrement. Here's a group photo, featuring (from left to right) Xander, Grover, Obi-Wan, Mr. Crabs (large yellow/orange shell in the back), Weenie (Obi-Wan's best bud), and Clone.

Grover and Obi-Wan are by far the most active. Xander comes out on occasion, but the others are more reclusive. They've visited the preschool twice already. And once Jack and I built a block maze for them.

Grover makes a break for it.

I've been crafting a bit lately, with a particular obsession for collage and assemblag…
cool cool kitty

Major finds at the thrift store last night. A Ramones t-shirt, a Modest Mouse t-shirt, and a Strokes t-shirt, each for a dollar. AND a pair of Chucks for $1.98. Kismet cozied up, hoping some of the coolness would rub off on her. But it's all for Jack, who is destined to be THE boy of summer dressed up in these duds.