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ploye ploye ploye . . . order in the court!

I've got that mad desire to clear my house of clutter. Today I started on the pantry. On the bottom shelf in there I have a Rubbermaid bin full of sundry flours I purchased back when I thought I'd make all our bread with the brand new extra large bread machine I bought at the church rummage sale for $12. Of course I quickly wearied of the notion and gave away the bread machine through freecycle, and conveniently forgot all that flour in there.

I can't just throw it away!

I started in on the buckwheat flour first. A quick web search yielded a recipe for ployes. This is what the contributor has to say about the recipe:

This occupies a place of choice in our community. The Ploye looks like a pancake but is prepared with buckweat flour. It is used in place of bread. If you come from Northern New Brunswick and you are a BRAYON, it is a common thing to eat and is delicious. I posted it here so I would'nt loose it. After they are cooked…